domingo, 29 de junio de 2008

T Bone Burnett - "The Criminal Under My Own Hat" (1992)

01 - Over You
02 - Tear This Building Down
03 - It's Not Too Late
04 - Humans from Earth
05 - Primitives
06 - Criminals
07 - Every Little Thing
08 - I Can Explain Everything
09 - Any Time at All
10 - I Can Explain Everything
11 - Long Time Now
12 - Kill Switch

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She's been told she's very bold,
she takes dares seriously
Her face burns bright on our screens tonight
'til we fall asleep deliriously

She does a high kick for a live psychic,
she puts her secrets on the line
I love you baby, I love you crazy,
I love you 'til the end of time

If I had my way
If I had my way
I would tear this building down

(Fragmento de Tear This Building Down)

4 comentarios:

MAZE dijo...

Greetings. I tried downloading T Bone Burnett's "The Criminal Under My Own Hat" via the link provided in your blog post ( dated 29 June 2008, but it is no longer available. Any chance you could re-upload it, maybe to Sharebee?

I’m sending you an email on this as well.

Josef Gaishun dijo...

MAZE: The album is available again. Hope you enjoy it! One of the best Burnett records, in my opinion.

MAZE dijo...

Thank you, sir. Much appreciated. I will listen, and if I like (as I surely will), I will buy.

bobbysu dijo...

thank you very much